Friday, March 30, 2007


Hello peoples!

While I was on stumble upon (a sort of channel surfing for the internet) I found Gimmie Your Stuff.

Gimme Your Stuff

I though it'd be neat to try it out. I mean, how often do you get to trade with people in other countries? Anyways...Oh! I should mention that I'm from Minnesota in the United States. xD

Things I would love to get:
-Chocolates or Candies from your country
-Music from your country
-Small bags/purses
-CDs (music from your country)
-Accessories (small things like earrings, necklaces, etc.)
-Things that I can use for crafts (beads, things like that)
-Map of your country
-Anything that culturally represents your country :D
-Surprise me!

What I'm can Give/Trade
-Music (like CDs)
-Small toys
-MN Newspaper/Magazines
-Photos from around the area
-Supplies for crafts
-Anything that you really want!
I'm open to anything. I find it hard to offer things when I don't really know what others want. Just comment!
Believe me, I know the giving list is skimpy, so I'm up to anything!


amy said...

hey Meghan!

this is my first time on "gimme your stuffs" so kinda exciting! haha anyway would like to do swaps with you. im Amy from singapore. currently 22 and studying at a local uni ;D

take a look at what i can offer at not limited to only those items from the list so if theres anything u wish to have just lemme know!

contact me at or drop me a message on the post!


agnetha said...

Hi there!

I'm Agnetha from Sweden. Would you be interested in doing a swap with me?? Contact me at: